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Category: Intellectual Property

Licență pentru difuzarea posturilor TV și utilizarea tehnologiilor VPN – comentariu unui caz național

Jul 22, 2020
Un caz interesant se află pe rolul instanțelor din Republica Moldova cu privire la drepturile conexe ale difuzorilor și ale persoanelor care au primit licența de la difuzori străini pentru...

VPN used in “support” of a copyright claim?!.

Jul 10, 2020
It’s usually VPN versus copyright and not the other way around. The technology is frequently used to overcome certain technical limitations, including geographical restrictions with respect to online content, broadcasts,...

Multinational pharmaceutical company Ferring B.V. sues Neurim Pharmaceuticals over a trademark

Jul 8, 2019
In 2011 Ferring, a multinational pharmaceutical company, requested international protection for the NOCDURNA trademark under the Madrid System for the international registration of marks. In 2015 it also requested extending...

Compensatory remuneration wars: a collective management organisation accuses Moldovan national intellectual property agency of lobbying specific business interests

Jun 26, 2019
One of Moldovan collective management organizations (see more about the activity of such organizations here), National Association “Copyright”, accused the director of the Moldovan national intellectual property agency (AGEPI) of...