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Coordination of IT related public procurements according to a new methodology

December 12, 2019

The Moldovan government approved a new methodology for coordinating public procurements in the IT and communications sector. It aims at ensuring unified and transparent procedures of procurements in this area.

The Methodology provides for 4 categories of procurements (depending on their value, policy significance and impact). Depending on the category, the E-Governance Agency will be able to intervene into the procurement processes (in certain cases even for ongoing and completed ones). It will also have the right to check all previous and finalized procurements.

All ITC related costs incurred by public institutions and relevant procurement plans will have to be coordinated with the Agency. The respective plans shall be published on web-sites of the respective institutions.

The Ministry of Finance will only approve financing for those budgeting proposals for ITC which have been coordinated and approved by the E-Governance Agency under the aforementioned Methodology.