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Moldovan Chamber of Commerce approves new rules on countersigning documents in international trade

August 22, 2019

Moldovan Chamber of Commerce approved the new Regulation on countersigning documents related to international trade. The process of countersigning implies the confirmation of validity of seals/stamps and signatures put on documents used in international trade:

– contracts;
– invoices;
– phytosanitary certificates;
– hygienic certificates;
– veterinary certificates;
– certificates of free sale;
– packing lists;
– exporter registry forms;
– letters of authorization;
– manufacturers’ declarations;
– other documents related to international trade.

The application for countersigning should be endorsed with supporting documents, and namely:

– extract from the state register of legal entities;
– identification documents for the applicant;
– power of attorney, if the application is submitted by a representative;
– documents of the respective legal entity confirming the samples of signatures;
– international trade documents for which the countersigning is requested.

The countersigning shall be performed within 5 working days from the day when the set of required documents is submitted to the Chamber.

The process of countersigning only confirms the validity of the signatures and stamps put on the documents. It does not confirm the content of the respective documents.