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Moldovan Parliament announces moratorium on privatization and concession of state property

August 3, 2019

Moldovan Parliament introduced a moratorium on all current processes involving privatization and concession of state property, as well as establishing public-private partnerships related to such property. The moratorium will be maintained until the report is submitted to the Parliament by the Investigation Commission which was established to analyse how privatizations and concessions of public property were organized and held in Moldova since 2013.

The Commission was established in June and has to prepare its report within 120 days.

At the same time the Parliament demanded the Court of Accounts (a public body supervising the use of public funds) to conduct an audit of contracts on privatization of public assets and public-private partnerships involving major state companies, and namely: Chisinau International Airport, National airline “Air Moldova”, a number of bus terminals, state’s share in Tutun-CTC (a major tobacco producer in Moldova).

The Parliament also required the Court of Accounts to conduct in 2020 the audit of privatization processes that took place in 2013-2019.