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Employment opportunities

We are interested in growing our firm, our practices, and our team. And we do believe that even in the age of automation and artificial intelligence, legal work remains heavily human-centred. People are what matters most in our work. That is why we care about professional and personal development of those who we work with.

Permanent learning is what every member of the team has to do. In fact, we are looking for people who think that learning is not only necessary, but who actually feel that it is exciting! While working with us, you will be learning about the latest developments in Moldovan law, you will have to constantly enlarge your knowledge of various aspects of law and legal work, learn about the trends in legal profession and practice in other countries, develop and hone your practical skills. Continuous professional development is a must condition for everyone in the firm.

We also believe that, despite all the challenges of lawyers’ work, work-life balance does matter. If people cannot dedicate time and attention to their families and friends or their hobbies they quickly become burnt-out and unmotivated. As a result, the quality of their work inevitably suffers. Yes, there can be moments when we all have to work round-the-clock, but all in all, we will try to ensure that your personal life is not sacrificed because of your work.

Another important thing that we care about is diversity. We are open to people of any ethnic or racial origin, we do not care about what your first language is (though there are certain language requirements – see below), about your sexual or other life preferences. The main requirement is treating everyone around with respect and have equal attitude to all people.

So what are we looking for in you?

● Strong personal and professional ethic;
● Passion for law and dedication to legal profession;
● Desire to learn;
● Good knowledge of law;
● Open-mindedness;
● Good knowledge of languages (you have to be fluent in Romanian and sufficiently proficient in Russian; good knowledge of both written and spoken English is a very strong advantage). Sorry, this requirement is really important.

We might not have an open vacancy for you right now. But please send us your CV and your motivation letter in any case. Maybe in the nearest future we will have an open position for you to work with us or maybe we’ll find an opportunity for cooperation right now.

If you are a student, and you are interested in developing your legal career in a law firm, you can get enrolled in a holiday or part-time internship. If you are a fresh graduate, we can offer you an opportunity of professional training/internship as part of your preparation for the future bar exam. Do get in touch with us! And don’t be afraid if you have no previous professional experience. We all were beginners at some point in our lives.